Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chicken Boftek

This is the egyptian versian of chicken schnitzel or chicken escalope. Its really filling and its quick to make. Every home has their own versian but here is the one that i grew up with.

half kilo of boneless chicken breast
1 onion grated finely
2 eggs beaten
1 1/2 cup of breadcrums
Salt and pepper
vegetable oil


Start by filleting the chicken breast. This increases the quantity and makes the chicken cook faster. Place the chicken breast flat on a chopping board and place your knife at the top and slice all the way down. Repeat until you have about 4 fillets of breast for each chicken breast. You will have a good quantity this way.  Now Grate the onion in a bowl and add generous amount of salt and pepper.

Place your chicken fillets in the bowl and rub very well until its all coated.

Leave to marinade (covered) in the fridge for 1 hour or more if you like.

So you all know the breading process. First dip the chicken breast in the egg, dont worry about any excess onion, it gives it a nice flavour and it disapears when you fry it. so once you have dipped it in the egg, straight to the breadcrums. This recipe doesnt need flour because I find it doesnt really need it and it tastes better.

Fry for 6 minutes in hot oil on each side until golden brown

Serve with potatoes and salad and enjoy!


  1. ahh nice is the same as my mum do it !

  2. i was born in estonia and here we do almost the same way it we dont put onion only and we beat with meathamer little from both side of meat then it will be softer and it taste yummyyyyyyyy
    can i ask u smth can u make kosheri how u make it home i mean spesially this souce
    this macarona rice and lentils not hard but this souce i forgot


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