Thursday, October 28, 2010

Has anyone made any of my recipes?

I originally made this blog to keep a record of all my recipes and use them whenever I needed, however, when I tried to search for online egyptian recipes, I hardly found any so i thought this blog would be good for those like myself who like to cook egyptian/mediterianian recipes. But now Im starting to wonder.. has anyone ever made any of my recipes?? If you have how did they turn out? By the looks of my comments I don't expect many but hey no harm in asking!


  1. Salam

    your food looks really yummy mashallah :)
    My aunt and I actually were looking for the egyptian styled bell peppers to make sometime this week and lo and behold! we found the recipe here coincidentally lol.

    keep up the good work

    check out my blog at

  2. Salams I made the bachamel a while back. It's a good recipe but people didn't like the thought of gravy pasta here lol.

  3. salamo aleikom wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    whatever you post, don't give up. i'm probably going to need it once i step out of this house. lol

    i don't have much choice for cooking here. if i cook anything, most won't eat. so, just wait a bit (like some 4 or 5 months) and you'll receive many comments from me in your recipes inshaAllah. hehe

  4. @MYGA
    JazakAllah Khairan sis! Yes iNsha'Allah you should try it!

    @My Getaway
    Lol thanks for trying sis, sorry that they didnt like it. :( I feel embarassed now lol.

    Walaykum asalam wr wb, Yes I will keep posting insha'Allah, as soon as i get a proper camera Insha'Allah, and when you cook let me know how it turns out!.

  5. salam aleikum

    I haven´t yet but I have saved a few that I wanna try. I really love this blog :D

  6. Yes, I made the ghorayeba :) I was confused if the oven temperature was in celsius or fahrenheit at first, but I got it in the end alhamdulillah :) One change I made was to use less flour and mores sugar (the way my dad likes it :)) Jazaky Allahu khair for this blog - I often come here to get ideas about what to make for dinner :)

  7. I have used your recepies, macarona beshamel, molokhiya... they all turned out great, thanks for taking the time to post them! making koshary tomorrow, fingers crossed ;-) One thing if I may ask though: I always have problem making my rice nice and not sticky...any advices? Thanks, Hella

  8. Hi Jannah,
    To make rice not stick, wash thoroughly to remove the starch and also make sure you measure the rice to water ratio for for example, 2 cups of rice to 4 cups of water & before adding water to rice, saute the rice in oil to SEAL the rice, that way the starch will be trapped inside the rice and will not make the rice stick together. Also make sure you use either medium grain rice or long grain (long grain has less starch so never sticks). hope i helped you dear

  9. also i forgot to mention, make sure you add boiling water to the rice not cold. :)

  10. Yeah am a person who loves al your recipes.I was planning tu migrate to egypt during 2011-2012 but now twisted to U.K.Anyways I always make ur recipe and was awesome.Keep updating its interesting


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