Saturday, May 7, 2011

Macarona Bel Bashamel مكرونه بالبشاميل (New Recipe)

Im using a new Macarona bel Bashamel  recipe, as I found this one tastes lighter, healther and overall more delicious. No tomatoe paste or eggs in this one and just a dollop of butter so you will be sure to be having a more nutritious (well kind of!) pasta dish.

ok here is my makarona bashamel recipe, it took me 2 years to perfect.. I used to add eggs and a very thick red sauce but this made it so heavy and hard to breath afterwards.. so I finally came up with a recipe that tastes authentic and so light and tasty. So heres my secret! (Btw I am bad with measurements, so feel free to use your own measuring.. if you are experienced with bashamel then you will have no problems).


2 tablespoons of unsalted butter ( i make my own butter but use your choice)

1/2 cup of vegetable oil

1 cup of plain flour or enough flour to form a roux.

750 ML to 1 litre of milk (depending on how much your making)

Salt and pepper to taste. (pepper really gives it special taste)

Meat Sauce:

3 or 4 tablespoons of olive oil or vegetable oil.

2 large onions finely diced

500 grams of minced meat

2 tomatoes minced with a grater. ( I use fresh tomatoes because they really give a wonderful flavour)

salt and pepper to taste. (again these too are important, never underestimate salt and pepper =)

and ofcourse last but not least boiled rigatoni or penne pasta.

Heres what you do.

first step I make the meat sauce. I saute onions in oil until yellow, add meat and cook until no pink left. I brake it with a fork when it comes to layering its easier. I add salt and pepper, fresh tomato juice, and i simmer for 30 minutes or until all the tomatoe juice is absorbed into the meat. keep stiring from time to time.

season with more salt and pepper. once done set aside.

Then I make the bashamel and at the same time boil pasta. I start making bashamel by melting butter with oil on low heat. I then add flour until it makes like a pasty consistency, then I add milk little by little while stiring with a whisk until i see that its smooth, and then i add the rest of the milk and simmer on medium heat.

Once the bashamel has thickened to my liking, i season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile the pasta should be cooked or almost cooked. I drain it, then i put it in a bowl and mix 2 cups of the bashamel with it so that it remains moist and absorbs the bashamel flavour. it also helps making the layering easier so the pasta lays flat when you layer it.
then i take a deep baking pan, I place a layer of pasta, pressing down with a spatula, then a layer of the yummy meat sauce, spreading it out evenly. then a layer of pasta on top. then I take the bashamel and with a ladel, i pour it on top and smooth it out. keep in mind that i make sure a thick bashamel layer is added on the top and no pasta bits are sticking out. theres nothing worse than a dry makarona bel bashamel.



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